Why meritmerge?

Benefits to Parents

  • Getting to know each and every step taken by the management, staff and the student
  • One click access benefit about their child
  • Best part of going through the class sessions when the child is unable to attend the classes
  • Pin to pin information about the child on every point of schooling

Benefits of Teacher

  • Enhance the performance and detail of every child
  • Clear description about the child’s curriculum
  • Preparation of notes which can be used by all the teachers and students
  • Updates of all the kids by the subject teachers to the clear view for the class teacher

Benefits of Students

  • Day to day lesson and notes updates by the teachers
  • Exclusive videos added to the Album personally viewed and Graded by the teachers
  • Day to day updates about the events, exams and many more
  • Easy downloads of notes etc for the updated curriculum

Benefits of Administration

  • Be a dominating leader in Education department by all the updated information
  • Details of every inch done by the teachers and the students.
  • Time to time access on all curriculums, events, updates done and not-done on one click
  • Complete details from anywhere about the school activity which reduces stress and saves times

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