Administrative Automation


Features of meritmerge is not only a software Educational solution, it is a solution which finds peace and comfort for both Management and parents.

The Administration

Registering and Admitting - complete risk free process will be done automatically to start and end up the whole journey of Admission from day one of registration till the total procedure is done.

Fee Management

We provide the automatic updation that would be done once the fees is cleared, therefore no interruptions or confusions lies, this facility can be used for updating the complete way of processing fees you charge for the whole year according to the class and academics with daily, Monthly or annual basis that defines your norms and conditions.

Help Desk

Student and Staff information is much considerable by the parents; here you can give a complete qualified details such as programmes, reports, updates, up comings, tests, examinations, events, certifications and much more.

Library and Lab Automation

The details contains the attendance, give and take away of the syllabus, concentration, regularity, Audios, videos to help the absenties, everyday transactions, fines, losses, emergency reservations.

Instant Communication

Texting (SMS)

Messaging to the parents, guardians and staff made easy with instant delivery alerts. Send holiday notices, dues, dates of events, tests, exams academic updates, Attendance etc. Group communication can also be created.

Group Email

Group emails can be done with one click to all the saved ids adding attachments, configuring auto-Alerts on all the updates.

Events and Notices

Institution's done events and upcoming events such as activities, Tests, Exams, Extra curricular, important Notices or alerts can be announced on this column.

Parents/Guardian portal

This special carrier directs the care takers to know the complete details of the institution that includes staff details like the subjects and classes they handle, holiday and events alerts, exam and tests dates as well as marks, notes for the absentees, attendance, prize winners, personal remarks of the child, admission details, the performance of the child, admission details, the performance of the child, library and lab alerts, fee dues, what more? everything that an institution wants to updates or let the parents know can be done here including completion of class works, home works, behavior, discipline etc.

Note: meritmerge feels like parents will be satisfied when it’s done to this extinct, and so we have assured our highest and guaranteed performance which can be done by nobody else other than meritmerge does. we have added all the details the parents wish to know about their child.

Mobile / Tablet

The institution gets an opportunity to update each and every details mentioned all over in the above mentioned columns instantly, where the parents or students get to see the happenings of the same on one click using their user id and password provided to each one of them from any place at any time, where the institution gets to be much more promoted too.

Learning platform

The Learning Centre

This includes with the teaching staff where they create and share the learning syllabus content including pdfs,images,videos,audios,tasks,tests,surveys, memo from teachers to the subjects, to-do list etc. They can also save the content with lessons, subjects, topics and note flows, additional quiz and questions can be added after each lesson reading and listening, students also can work on the content which is defined the learning path where as teachers can get instant information, student statistics and immediate results of all the students

Online Test and Activities

Teaching staff may create unlimited numbers of questions or Activities to their class/students where the students can answer to the same instantly and review the results using the answer keys provided.

Youtube Learn

Teachers may download videos from the site and create a separate content or set of videos to the subjects, where you give them a riskfree education as that students will have a view of securely created videos without visiting the youtube link, teachers get better judgement of students once the students gain knowledge after viewing the videos on the given topics.

Classroom Activities

Teachers will have an advantage of creating and managing their own contents of lesson where they mark the remarks and update instant view to the managing authority about the day to day progress of the students and the students will also have the advantage of going through the contents whenever they wish to do so.

Classroom Activities

Attendance Tracking

Day to Day / Monthly update of the attendance & abidance of the child will be marked, configured SMS alerts can be sent to the parents/management about the same, Principal will have a facility of dashboard for the instant view of the days absentees.

Evaluation of the Performance

Configuration of the institution’s directives on progressing categories, continuous year round evaluationand progress details, smarter analysis of the improvement areas of a student can be done in this category.

Progress Report Card

Extreme dataflow from different modules, generate print,email or text the progress of each student to the parents personally, customized design of the progress card will also be provided.

Teaching Staff Evaluation

Data that are analysised by the teachers of their students of each respective class added with performance, behaviour and other activities. Consolidated reports of every teacher and online feedback collection from students, parents and other related personalities will be provided to the management.

Staff Attendance

- The attendance with the exact time to the staff arrival to the institution will be captured from Biometric RFID cards, Day to Day update of the same will also be provided.


Instant uploads or photos/videos of all the programs from classroom events of annual day celebrations can be done. Personalized Albums can also be created for each event.